Impactview is an initiative by, a company that works with impact-first startups and scale-ups to develop their company culture. Because we also work with many investors, we noticed that there are many more investors that want to invest in impact-first startups. But they were struggling to find the right one or to find the right co-investors. And that is exactly the problem we want to solve, with the help of our ambassadors.

Maijke Receveur experienced what is needed to rapidly scale an impact startup. While growing from 5 to 120 people in two years time, she managed to create a high performance company culture. She knows how to deal with continues change, extreme ambitions and countless challenges.

Maijke is ambassador at Impactview to share her experience and help other startups to make a big impact.

Read her story here (in Dutch).

Maijke Receveur

Chief Organisation Officer, Lightyear

Ohad Gilad is an entrepreneur, an investor, an advisor, a connector and an innovation changemaker. He is influencing the Dutch startup ecosystem with Keadyn, his venture capital firm; 42workspace, the leading tech cowork hub of Rotterdam; Angel Academy, an education course for angel investors and WeTechRotterdam, a platform to build the next European tech powerhouse.

All these companies together are changing and boosting the Dutch startup ecosystem.

Read his story here (in Dutch).

Ohad Gilad

Impact Investor, 42 Workspace, among others

Alexandre Janssen, previous head of Innovation at Deloitte, founded Minkowski. An agency for Applied Futures where they facilitate, train and enable organizations to transform.

Alexandre about being an Impactview ambassador: “I want to help young entrepreneurs who see that things can be done differently in the world. I like to contribute by generating more attention for this.”

Read his story here (in Dutch).

Alexandre Janssen

Founder, Minkowski

In the coming weeks our inspiring Impactview Ambassadors will be revealed here, including an interview about their passion and reason for joining. 

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